Who is Zeldaisgreat? She is a Semi-Popular artist who has about 400 fans and approximately 17000 stars. She has a lot of art and usually draws wolves. She draws in many styles, her regular style: (cartoon-ishy), Unknownartist style, and she also draws anime and " Hylians". Her sister is puglovesdonuts. She liked MLP in her early years on DC. She likes Legend of Zelda. (hence the name) She has a daschound named Sammy, and came up with a mini-holiday called daschound week. She came up with species named "labscents". From the way she draws herself she has short, dirty-blonde hair, and pale skin. She comes up with many different comic series idea, for instance: Lexi in Wonderland, Video Game adventures, Secret comic, Olives Wild Adventures in the City, And a few others.


Zeldaisgreat has 2 bffs, consisting of Im_Pawprintz, and ILOVEMITTENS517. Her wolf Ashes loves Im_Pawprintz's wolf Snowflakes, Her wolf Lexi loves Azul, Artisticwolfluv's character, Her character Kira loves Heat, (LD1230's Character)


Zelda has many characters, but out of them all Kira is her main character. Kira was her first wolf. Kira's sister is another wolf named Feya (Chibi-Chicken). Kira is in love with a wolf named Heat (LD1230). She has her ownn unique style of shading and uses it on all of her drawings. Sometimes she and Im_Pawprintz do art trades and try to draw eachother's styles. They are absolute BFFs, and draw things for eachother without even asking! (So sweet!) Her characters are: Faron, Breena, Kira (wolf), Kat, Naina, Lisa, Ashes, Fireyice, Winter, Rin, Lanayru, Angie, Carnival (wolf), Angelina (first SC), Kim (MRC), Marla (SC), Shark(wolf), Nayru, Kelly (wolf), Ren (wolf), Peter (wolf), Louie (wolf), Dakota (wolf), Lola (wolf), Avery (wolf), Gryewhip (Nightfury), Zara ( wolf-dragon), Lexi (wolf), Shark, Louise (wolf), Ashes (wolf-Phoenix), Lucias (wolf), Tripp (dog), Bluesteel (wolf), Monti (SC), Doty (wolf), Dancer (unicorn), Skippi (Mini-wolf), Heart (wolf), Ivory, Teddy (wolf), Tealnight (wolf), Drake (wolf), Tina, Olive, Card (given from ILM), Marcus, Alex (SC), Glitter (Sparklecat),