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Yummy for Talent Show.jpg
The only picture on DC I drew of me with glasses
One of Yummy2001's pictures!

Yummy2001 is a truly brilliant artist with more than 120 fans and over 2700 stars! She has a variety of styles, all of which are super cool, like bowites.

She doesn't wanna put too much personal info and stuff... But she will tell you she loves art!


She'll be DCFs with anyone, but her best DCFs are: Shinewolf306, Katebith (Met her on this Wiki! :D), Zuesdemigod2002, Mockingjay1001, Candifloss and Jessie_Grl. (So sorry if anyone is missed)

My thoughts on DC

I think Disney Create is an epic site where kids of all ages can show off their art and get fans! Sometimes I get frustrated when my art isn't published, but I'm glad Disney moderates the art to make it kid - friendly.

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