The artists on Disney Create known as Wolf artists create and draw their own original wolf character, or draw themselves as a Wolf  (this is called a fursona).  Wolves are drawn realistically and fictional.  Some of the most well-known Wolf artists on DC are SLiNKi47 smartdazzlelilythewolf11ArtisticWolfLuv, dogdaisypoodle, Im_Pawprintzpetshopface, chibistar4, yippers, UnkownArtist, BaltoCreations theTARDISrocks TonkeneseKittyanimallover1030[[1]]. Who's your favorite wolf artist?

If you are a Wolf artist, feel free to add yourself!

  • By tonkonesekitty
  • By dogdaisypoodle
  • By Im_Pawprintz
  • by petshopface
  • By lilythewolf11
  • made this by request from Zeldaisgreat
  • BaltoCreations pic
  • by warriorcatluna
  • by: theTARDISrocks
  • by SLiNKi47
  • by smartdazzle
  • Smartdazzle (a better pic)