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Zuesdemigod2002 Zuesdemigod2002 23 April 2013

I found another big copycat

How many you have heard of Applejack20? Take a look at this(original) I know it's a Lucy100- creation, but Applejack copies her all the time, so I thought I'd point it out. Here is the copy. She even copied Earthgirl1001's imaginary friend Cookie Dough. The copy part that AJ did was the highlights and Pandy. Really AJ? Wow, just wow.

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Zuesdemigod2002 Zuesdemigod2002 15 April 2013


Wow! I can't beleive isparklehearts and dogdaisypoodle are now on this wiki! We're growing, and growing fast!. Just remember, this wiki isn't a place for hate. If you do't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!

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Zuesdemigod2002 Zuesdemigod2002 7 April 2013


Yay! I am now officially a Wiki member!

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