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Update 3 31 13

This wiki has grown a whole bunch!

But in good, there is always a bad... ^~^

I have seen a lot more hate than usual. It is great to share your opinion, but there is a fine line between sharing an opinion & hidden hate. I expect us to be polite & check our comments to see what side of this line we are on.

Example? Fine by me.

On the Lucy100- a new comment sprung up that said the word Whovian was stupid. By that one comment many were offended!

Okay, what does Doctor Who & the word Whovian possibly have to do with Lucy100- and her art?! I'm not a fan of Doctor Who myself, but Whovian was not created by people because they were delusional. What about Directioners & Beliebers? Hetalians and Homestucks? Many fans have created an name with their fandom & another word or suffix combined. It also has been around for quite some time! It is okay to say you don't like a fandom, but don't bash & hate on people and call then crazy fangirls! ^-^;

I know there was a string of comments about a group called Whovians_United, but those were replies that got carried away. This comment was a direct response to the article.

One anonymous user has asked me why I would consider one comment to be spam. Spam is an acronym for Sending Particularly Annoying Messages. To me this means any comment that appears over and over again, or is annoying to see for a majority of users. It can even be someone who has a bad attitude or typing quirk.


Someone who keeps on complaining about Create & their approval process, or someone who is making unneeded cries for attention. But with a bit of tweaking, these can be accepted as not spam. ^-^


A nice calm tome & a friendly attitude will make you comment less annoying. Being polite & well wording also goes a long way. A big problem is the overuse of bold font and ALL CAPS. These can make you seem as if you are angry or making a very big deal out of something. USING BOTH is worse tenfold.

If you know you did something wrong, sorry, but we have yet to find out how to remove comments, so be careful what you type. If you have a Wiki account, you can edit your comments by mousing over the bottom right corner of a comment " bubble ".

Thank you for reading if you even are. ^~^

This article was not to hurt or point fingers, it is just to point out what I see as unfitting behavior here.


Stepping Stone O o O o (talk) 18:20, March 31, 2013 (UTC)