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Okay, so users are starting to get accounts & make pages so we can learn more about them!

& I am here, of course, to bring you more rules about what you post. ^-^

If you are making a page for something, please use the pages labeled Open Page, Open Page 2, & Open Page 3! All you need to do is change the title. After these pages are used up, we can make new ones.

Wiki pages about artists. 

Be sure to look over what you post. Remember, this will be availiable for the whole wide web to see! Things like how you act, how you look, & family are okay, as long you don't go too much into detail. If you want to put where you live, only put a state or a well - known city, like a capital. Please don't post a real picture of yourself or anything like that! A drawing is fine though!

About putting a category about something personal try to keep the tone somewhat opinionated and not bashy. Opinion over hate please!

On Create

It's time to vote for another winner for the Spring Fairy Contest!

About the entries, personally, I love Disneylionfan's!

Thier entry is not staring blankly into the viewers' eyes, like the others. ^~^ I also love how they were creative & did not make thier fairy paint something or around flowers ( Wooooaah how did you think of that!? ) ^-^;, but interact with something at the same time. Seeds come before flowers & they have thier fairy interacting with just that! Thier fairy is wearing something simplistic, & it actually plays along with how fairies make thier clothes out of natural items. I also admire how they made thier fairy tan. ( Horray cultural diversity! ) The cartoony style also gives a warm natural feel.

I hope this helped you to pick who to vote, but don't be too biased off of me & try to see which one you like best though! ^-^


Stepping Stone O o O o (talk) 23:28, April 7, 2013 (UTC)

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