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Thanks to who ever is reading this. I absolutely enjoy writing these.

On the Wiki

We have some more users here so be sure to show them around! ^_-

Oh, and more users means more pages and more pages means more regulations!

Please use correct spelling and correct grammar! It will make the pages easier to read for all. On user pages, it's okay to use words such as lol, but don't overuse.

Neatness is a big part of if I like a page or not. If all I see is words bunched together there is a big chance the page will be annoying to me. The spacebar, enter key and headings will not hurt.

Tone also plays a big part. Tone is usally determined by choice of words and overall use of grammar. As you can see, there is a big diffrence between:

" Cool! Could you please draw me if you have time? "


" draw me plz i have long black hair and green eyes!!1! " 


What I see alot is a " DC friends section ". If you must make one, put friends that you talk to a few times a week!  Online or offline is fine. I don't think people on DC that say they're your friends really count if you don't talk to them often. If you must, put only one or two from there that you draw pictures for often and they do that for you too.

Thank you for reading and have fun making pages!

On Create

Updates on the Spring Fairy Contest!

_Jessie_Grl's is the lowest so far with about 6 percent of the vote!

Disneylionfan's is at roughly 8 percent of the vote. ;-; I voted for and loved this one the most. If you want to read why, look for my blog post from last Sunday.

Welenar's fairy is at a good about 16 percentage. I really like this picture and almost chose it for the wonderful shading.

The dead end tie sisters are Under_Par and Jenn5055! They are both at roughly a percentage in the 30s and are most popular. These were pretty, but made spring seem like all pastel colors and flowers. The flowers were a wee bit repetitive and I think Under_Par's are stamps she made and used again. ^~^ Plus I like rooting for awesome underdogs. ^-^;

It's going to be intresting to see iwho will win.

PS Have you noticed they moved a suggestion for drawing ponies up to the home page of Create on the top?! They must've noticed the sudden outburst in pony drawings! ^o^

Thanks for reading, again, and be sure to tell me if you want me to look at something and write about it! I'm running short on ideas. ^~^


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