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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 21 April 2014

The system chapter 3

(I cant figure out how to fix the title so this is chapter 2 :3 )

Day 1.

New home, new life. Im starting the first of my studies to be an actor. I have already taken my "Intro To Entertainment" course today. I was able to meet some students I had never met at the academy, like this one girl, Red. She was very welcoming, very kind. She gave rusty and I a tour of the community, seeing as she grew up here. Her parents were both writers, and have influenced her to be a writer, and her love of art helps too. My next class is my first acting class, and i will be going in al-~.`'/*':

"You made me spill ink on the paper!" I shouted at rusty, who had crept up from behind. 

"Well, sorry Ms.Touchy-pants." she laughed. I sighed and let a little smile. She…

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 19 April 2014

The system chapter one

After Experincing the emotional truama of The Parting Of Ways, Rusty and I ran to the center of the complex, where the sorting was held. We took our places, and a woman walked out on stage. 

"Hello. I am Nicona Marson. Today, all of you luckey young students will be given your jobs that you will study and preform for life. " She begins. As she droned on, I examined the area. I saw my parents sitting in the crowd watching. It made me a bit less nervous. As I turned back to the stage, Nicona was finishing her speech. "-and so, let the Sorting begin!" she said. She looked down to her papers, cleared her throat, and called out "Abigail Prinston."  Abigail Prinston. It rang a bell. Then I remebered who that was.  AP as she was called, lived acro…

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 19 April 2014

The System (intro)

Anyone who has not woken up to a roomate screeching Dont stop believing at 4:00 A.M has never experianced true fear. I can tell you firsthand. I regret that christmas and the half priced Karaoke Machine I had found. I slid out of bed, put on my Mickey mouse robe, and yanked the plug out of the wall.

"Whats up with that?" Rusty asked. Rusty was my roomate. She and I were closer than anyone in the complex. We were both Die-hard whovians, pokemon fans, and more. "I was doing pretty good, dont you think?" she smirked putting on her glasses.

"Its 4:00 AM, you never get up for anything except doctor who." i said, yawning.

"Today is the sorting day, Im ready to go!" she says. "And the sorting is after doctor who, i want to be ready and not miss it."…

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 18 April 2014


Ok, ok.

I have an idea for a story.

It would be about this wolf, a fire wolf named Canra, and the world of Fraltana Is in danger. Canra is the chosen one, and is on his way to the mountain of Cafar, along with his best-buddies Randon and Garla, a air wolf and water wolf. Along the way they meet new freinds, and go to new places. Tell me what you think.

If you want your wolf OC in it just tell me! give me a bio and i will see what i can do! 

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