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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 14 July 2014

Story thing.

So im doing it. Is it only for comic writers? Who cares. I want to anyway. Is there a word count thing? Well, sorry if I go over, Nothing I can do about it.

November 6th, 1942.

Hazel stepped off of the stoop in front of her building, the chilly wind biting at her nose. She pulled her bandana up to cover her face, and continued forward. The city block seemed almost deserted, with all of its inhabidants away. The majority of the streets population was male, and with the war, the place was pratically empty. This was her own father and brother included. No condolance letter yet, which was the thing Hazel counted on. She rounded the corner to the local cafe, where practically the only man in New York who wasn't in the war, Tony,  worked. She sat…

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 8 July 2014


SAo this is just an archive for possible future stories. Please don't take them i would like to do them. :D This also includes fanfic ideas.

1.) The Bird and THe Box.

Its about a girl named Pandora, and a boy named Kass. Pandora lives in the U.S, and Kass lives in Germany. One day, Pandora finds a strange box, and at the same time, Kass finds a small black bird made of clay. Both the box and a small compartment in the burd contain a peice of paper, saying only "Find my other." It is then the job of Pandora and Kass to travel across the world, looking for eatchother, trying to bring these two strange objects together. With no clues to who has the other, or what they even look like,  it can be a challenge. 

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 12 June 2014

MLP headcanons: The Rise of Discord, The fall of the CE, and Nightmare moon.

Long ago, back at the time of the three pony tribes, was a tucked away Alicorn tribe. They never interacted with the three tribes, feeling themselves a higher species, having the magic of unicorns, flight of pegasi, and stregnth of earth ponies. There was one family, a poor family, with two daughters. Celestia, a beutifull pure white alicorn with a pink mane, and Luna, a vivid blue alicorn with light blue curls. One day,after the founding of Equestria,  their father helped a unicorn. They were banished, for interacting with a non-alicorn. They begged to live in Equestria, and upon residance, found out the unicorn they helped was Princess Platinum herself, a founder of equestria. They were given a palace in the forest to reside in, and live…

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 9 June 2014


"Bam! This is the best thing I've done." Tony exclaimed, admiring his work. 

"It looks like a robot, than a suit." Pepper noted, but he waved her of.

"Nah, you don't know what your talking about." He smiled. 

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 7 June 2014

Fanfics: Krillitane fury.

So, on DC I was gonna make a comic

I started it, but never got around to it



If you didn't already know, the story is basically human nature/the family of blood only with the 11th doctor.

But, it is not an AU, well kinda,

its supposed to be the second time he did it.

and uh, it does take place at a school. I might explain why if I don't put it into the story :)

I was not going to remake this but I thought "THere are so many DW high school AU's, why don't I make one, only a bit different."

Ok enough of my blabbering.


And the shipping.

"And so, a sound wave is faster when travelling through- Simmons! Are you even paying attention?" Smith said, turning around. SUddenly the …

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