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Okie, i am going to do requests on sai, but i can only do anime, chibis and wolves, but i will try anything. but i cannot add more than one character (unless you really want it, but the image will probably be very large!) so pretty please with the wiki on top request something! (right now i am trying to draw megurine luka) Thank You! p.s i can do icons :D

And did i mention PLEASE????

Bella: pretty pease wit bellah bat on da top :3

sorry if you think this is a waste of a blog post :P Disney Create is so slow for me today, and maybe tomorrow, and then the next day, and then the next day, ok i think you get the point xD

and i can draw me and u if you want, but i can't do ppg on sai because you cannot draw perfect circles :P


1. You can request as many drawings as you want

2. You can offer requests on your blog posts :D

3. It cannot be too difficult or else it may take a very VERY long time

Finished Requests and drawings

Me and Candifloss

Cardcaptor Sakura

For Casualgirl10

Bella and Nugget for 123LoveLost