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I got bored and I decided to make everyone/their mascots a chibi from the chibi maker xD

I made Candi, and then I made Derp's mascot Haruka, and then I TRIED to make Mist's mascot April but they just did not have the right stuff so I kinda failed lol, and then I made CG... the only glasses they had were sunglasses tho lol, and den i made lovie but they didnt have the right hair... lol, and then I made Ghoulgirl, and then I made Rocky, and then I made Kletom with a cupcake on her head xD, and then there's puppydog, then is pinkie, after that I made Impawprints mascot snowflakes XD,then I made Veen's mascot pinkiebrush, and then theyashd x3, and then I made what I think is finnick... lol, 

Candifloss x3


Derps Mascot

Mist's mascot April

Casualgirl XD XD XD

Lovie XD

Ghoul x3

Rocky-Cookie :P

Umm Kletom lol

Puppydog XD

Pinkie ^-^

Snowflakes XD

Veen's mlp mascot

Theyashd fail. lol

Finnick xD