Disney Create Wiki

Here's the blog to vote for all of the Disney Create Comic Artist stuff. I'll make the poll once all the artists submit the drawing examples. But for now I'll just write what the polls will be so that all you artists will know what to submit.

ONLY DISNEY CREATE COMIC ARTISTS CAN SUBMIT DRAWINGS so don't even think about it if you're not one



Artists will sketch an example of a style that they created themselves that we will vote on to choose the main drawing style, and the first sketcher. Artists- You can draw an example for this or for the "Sketch" poll, or both if you'd like. I suggest you draw a fullbody example (if you want I'll be fine with more than one drawing)


Artists will choose a style from another artist and sketch it out to vote, so that the first sketcher won't be the only one to sketch. We're probably going to choose 1 or 2 more sketchers. 


Artists will draw an example of how they'll do lineart for the project, from any sketch Artists-'a sketch from other entries and lineart that you've drawn before would be fine, as long as it shows how you will do lineart for the comic


Artists will draw an example of how they will color for the comic from any lineart. Artists- Like I said before, lineart from other entries and colored drawings from before would be okay, as long as it shows how you'll color int he project. Also please include the lineart in your submissions :3