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Hello! Welcome to my page! 

If u want to know what websites I go on, well, here's the link:

I also go on Club Penguin and Animal Jam.  My username are Smartdazzle on both of them...lol

I play Wizard101 too!

The back story of my username

You must've wondered how I got my username on DC.  Well, make some popcorn and find a place to sit while I tell the story.  Okay, here it goes.  Waaaaay back around 2011 of September (That's when I found out about DC!).  I was trying to make a d-name for like, hours! I wanted the word smart somewhere in my username. But all of the d-names I tried where already taken!  So, when I got up to get something to drink, a commercial came up. It was a Shoedazzle.com commercial!  After seeing commercial, my lightbulb turned on and I zoomed back to the computer (forgetting about the drink I wanted, which was fruit punch flavored kool-aid. lol) and typed up the d-name like, crazy-fast! "dazzlesmart? Nah. dazzlesmarts?  No way, moving on! smartdazzle? I love it, so unique! Well, hopefully.." I clicked enter, closed my eyes, and held my breath. After like, a minute passed by, I slowly opened my eyes but still holding my breath, looked up at my screen, and said: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!"  The End.

Some facts about meh!

1) I play soccer (mainly goalkeeper and defender)

2) Favorite colors are Teal, purple, neon green, jade green, and dark green!

3) I have brown hair and eyes.

4) I am smart (haha, get it? My d-name?)

5) I have a hearing disability (born deaf) so I use this device called the Cochlear Implants in order to hear. (look it up for more info)

6) I love art! (duh)

7) I used to use the laptop mouse pad. but on Christmas of 2011 (My first christmas on DC!) I got a tablet and drew a pic of me in PPG style saying: First tablet drawing! (<---heading) "Yay! I got a tablet! Thanks Santa!" So yea, I now use a tablet drawing which is a Bamboo Create tablet.

8) Can't think of anymore info to tell ya! plz comment below if u want to know something more about me!  /)(-3-)/)