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I remember an episode of Gravity Falls when the twins and Soos goes into the uncles dream. I basically based it on this drawing since Dreamscape (my OC) is a wolf who can go into dreams of people and animals.

I remember one person from the Disney Create community was upset that I drew Fry from Futurama. Futurama is an adult show that I used to watch as a child. I do not remember her name, but she was saying it was not fair and how could Disney approve this. I guess because Disney did not know the character was even Fry and there was no adult content in my drawing. duh. It was not this drawing, but another drawing. Every time I look back at that, I laugh at how funny that was. It is just a drawing that I drew. Jeez I believe she even drew Pewdiepie which of course plays violence video games and curses a lot (even though there is nothing wrong with Pewdiepie because he is entertaining). Lol this is what I look back on whenever I see a fanart of Futurama I drew of XD


I am Roixdoix aka Chibistar4 for the people who grew up with Disneycreate back then when it was good.

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    Of course I can't forget the furry art I drew even though I do not consider myself a furry. (There is nothing wrong in being a furry UwU) I remember drawing a bunch of these types of drawing, but I lost them forever in my Ipod touch. I literally cried with anger when my Ipod touch died on me. I had all my drawing I drew in Disney Create, including some other artist in Disney Create. I wish the way back machine could allow me to recover all my drawings I did in the past, but sadly the way back machine can not.