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Hey everybody of the Disney Create world! I'm RedMonkey101 off of well Disney Create, or as everybody calls it DC. You can call me; RedMonkey, Red, RedM, RM101, RM, Reddi, RedM101, Potato Overlord. I don't care, it's really up too you, although most people just call me Red so you guys can call me that if you want x3

I had 776+ fans,  27471+ stars, and 59506+ points. I was on Create for a year and I loved it so much. I mean I could be all lies about that but I'm not, I really did love it on Disney Create and I'm sad that it had to go...

Anyways, It must be pretty cool on here huh? Well ill fine out sooner or later. By the way... Is it me or is it a little, whats the word, crazy at the moment? Or is it always like this? Cause if so sign me up for this crazy train! (\^-^/)

If you're bored or something try this quiz about meh!: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1404302306289825&a=1&

Anyways here's some stuff about me!

Some Stuff about RedMonkey101

I'm so random! I impress myself with the randomness that is me! (Don't forget to clean the tuna, Kiddies! X3) I am one of the shyest people you will ever meet but once you get to know me I'm a talkative person who is always bouncy and fun. I'm 14 and I look 16(It's been this way since I was 9). Eh, I can't take anything seriously so you'll find I mostly joke around every chance I get. I laugh at almost anything, even the things that aren't suppose to be funny. I like potatoes but i'm not a freak about them, I just talk about them way to much on the interwebs x3. I also do random things when I'm bored or just when ever I feel like it. My mind wants what it wants XD. 

The potato Ace gave me... -w-


I have a DeviantArt too now: http://redmonkey101studios.deviantart.com/

and a Scratch account: http://scratch.mit.edu/users/RedMonkey101/

AND NOW! I have a Wattpad ^3^: http://www.wattpad.com/user/RedLeWriter

Questions I ask myself

Are you crazy or something? OF COURSE! Who isn't? I mean maybe not you but i know I am and I'm so happy to be! ^_^

Ok... What do you like to do? What don't I like to do! I love art(No duh) and writing. I'm a artist and writer. I'm one like 1-14 books right now and I'm writing them at the same time cause I CAN'T STOP THINKING OF IDEAS!!!

What do you like to write and draw? Well... I like to write about the supernatural and/or fantasy, i guess. Mostly vampires, warlocks, other worlds, you know stuff like that :3. I like to draw ponies, mostly my OC MLP Lightning Bolt I created when I first got on DC. Then I draw anime(Only on paper) and maybe manga(But still it only works for me on paper X3). I also draw in other styles like SC, LPS, AT, and stuff like that.

What do you say to people who need inspiration? Hmm. Well I'd say think of something random to draw. Write down ideas on a note pad then go down the list. Just do what you think is awesome!

Do you like any T.V. Show or comics? Do I like T.V. and comic? HA! I love T.V. and I have a stack of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic in my room. My favorite T.V. Show is Doctor Who! I could go one a conversation about it all day if I could, I also argue allot about stuff in Doctor Who... I'm just a geek about it xD. But I also like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and some others like Once Upon A Time. And as for comic books?... Well there's the Buffy one's but i don't have any else but I do like Ironman though. I do like me some mangas too...Otaku for life, seriously...

You like mangas? Does that mean you like anime too? You're kidding meh, bro? I LOVE MANGAS AND ANIME!~ Have I not told you of the times where I walk out of the library and come out with 22 mangas in hand? Just imagine what the librarians say to me when I'm checking them out, lol! XD As for anime, I've basically been watching it all my life, so OF COURSE I LOVE IT! First ones I watched were Pokemon and Full Metal Alchemist. Weird, huh? Well my parents watched it allot so I did too...even though I couldn't read the subtitles they watched...All I remember doing is dancing to the first season Full Metal Alchemist theme song...XD Anyways, I never really got into anime until my friend AP told me about Fairy Tail. Turns out it was on Netflix, so I ended up watching it...LOVE IT BTWS. Then my cousins told me to watch other animes like Ouran High School Host Club, Attack on Titans, Soul Eater, and you know what? I'M A OTAKU BECAUSE OF IT! Doh, I really don't mind... ^w^

Okay...you didn't need to go and rant about it...anyways, you like Ironman, ya? Then what other super heroes do you like? Well Ironman duh. I like Spiderman too but Ironman is the best. And if your going to ask me who my favorite villain is, then let me save you the trouble. Its Loki. ^-^

Is my mom awesome? 

Yes, yes she is....

Is she the one who wrote that?

Yes, yes she did.. -_-

How I got my name, RedMonkey101

My DC Name was actually created with the help of bananas. Yes, bananas. Here let me tell you the story:

When I first went on DC I knew that if you didn't pick out a DC Name then you'd be something like Guest47965-blah blah blah. So I didn't publish anything yet. Once it finally asked me for a DC Name I had to think "What would I like to name myself?" I thought about all the people on Create and there names. They were memorable. I thought about how I could make my memorable to those who see my art.

I then thought about all the things I liked. My favorite color is red so I put in the tab Red. Then I thought about the second part. My mind went to the game, Wizard101. I played the game allot, and I mean it when I say allot -_-, when I first came to DC so it wasn't odd that I was thinking about that. RedWizard? Nah thats a weird name even for me. So I thought about what I liked in the game. One of my friends on there always said the word banana to me once I'd come online. RedBanana? Nope still weird. I thought about what animal eats bananas. Monkeys. RedMonkey? Yeah that sounds cool! I wanted to put some numbers after it and my mind went back to Wizard101. RedMonkey101. Ever since I came up with RedMonkey101 I've kept it, and used it for ever game I need a name for.

And that my children is how RedMonkey101 was created... (*-*/))

My Inspiration?

Well I would have to say mostly everybody who was on Create inspires me on my art. I see and remember all your art and think, Wow. That person was and is so good! I love what they did! Sometimes I have actually names for the people and don't call them 'This Person.'

My Art

I draw ponies for a living... Yeah who can say that everyday? Well maybe Hub but still.

I draw MLP OCs maybe even the Film MLP but I mostly draw my OCs Lightning Bolt, Twinkle Star, and Curly Qurills.

Lightning Bolt :3

Oh I have so many more ponies too. Wanna list?

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Twinkle Star
  • Curly Quills
  • Flare Chaser(Finally published! YAY)
  • Ghostly Hallows(She is in my poll drawing... Not really

    Ghostly Hollows...

    pubished.. 3;<)
  • Scarlet
  • Shiny Star
  • Day Dream
  • Strike

    This is Flare Chaser :D

  • Caster
  • Bubblegum Swril(She was my first MLP OC :3)
  • CherryBlossom(Another first OC X3)
  • Rainbow Paintbrush
  • Orange Pineapple Bliss
  • Orange Pink Sherbert
  • Minty
  • Angel Cup

And thats all the ones I can think about at the moment. x3

I also draw in Anime but I'm really good at it on paper... I draw in LPS, SC, PPG, AT, and some other I can't remember.

My anime character.. What do you think?

Likes :3

  • This may come as a shocker to you(not really ^-^) but drawing is on my like list!
  • writing
  • sleep.
  • T.V. 
  • Doctor Who!!
  • fashion but only the kind I mash together.
  • Food. No more has to be said.
  • Summer but only cuz of no school
  • Winter because of the snow(Maybe...):3
  • my drawing desk. Don't know what I'd do without it!
  • Potatoes!!! -_-

Dislikes... (^-(\)

Before reading what I dislike please don't do the following things:

  • Write that I'm crazy for not liking this stuff.
  • Throw rotten potatoes at your screen
  • and Dance with hobos

Ok now on to the things i dislike:

  • One Direction... -_- I seriously don't like there music and any boy band at all.
  • Rotten potatoes. Save are potato friends!
  • Horror Movies.
  • Spicy foods. I can't stand them.
  •  Cliche plots to stories. Keep it original, bro!
  •  My mom's birds. I kind of hate them to tell you the truth.

Questions For Reddi?

If you have any questions to ask me, put them down in this box!

What would you do if the lunchlady in your school began serving potatoes? - AP ^^

Answer: Depends on the type of potato. Mashed, fried, whole. Mashed and fried I don't care about, but whole...I would cry for all those eaten potatoes... 3; Then maybe hurt someone if they tried to eat anymore... X3 

Note from Friends

Have something you want to say about me or just wanna say to me, put them here!

My DC/Wiki Friends

I have soooooo many DC friends I can't name them all so add yourself if I forgot you :3.

  • Jesskitty(sunnykitty123)
  • ginnyweasley678
  • Rapunzelosum
  • Awesomeperson110
  • Kletom
  • ElegantlyArt
  • SelenaVictoria88
  • Mist
  • Sameehagirl11
  • Rustyscreech

Yeah that's all I can remember at the moment... Add yourself if I forgot you or if you want to be friends! XD

Some Of my Art X3

My Ending ;(

Well here comes the good-byes for now. I hope you did NOT dance with hobos in the street today and if so please keep your potatoes safe from them(Well known fact: Hobos are known to dance with strangers and steal there potatoes).

I guess ill see you around the DC Wiki universe! TTYL DISNEY CREATE WIKI!