I'll make a page about some artists a lot of people may not know about. But it's under construction. Lol. I find a lot of people. Like a lot.


Nclaire is an artist who draws in an anime style, has an absolutely adorable mascot named Melody, and hosts many contests. She loves fans, friends, drawings, and entries to her contests. Click here to check out art by Nclaire!


AtomicTangerine is also known as PaintedMoonlight on this wiki, though she is not active. She doesn't draw on DC much due to their slow approval and very stupid art rejections. She draws in anime style and only has one creation approved.

  • Melody by Nclaire
  • Self-portrait by AtomicTangerine
  • by xmagicflutex
  • Violet by ilovechicken1
  • by Fai-san
  • By FlowerSusie
  • By ESHA26
  • by disneycreate444

She loves to draw horror/creepy pictures, but she does that on paper due to a warning she got from Disney. Click here to check out art by AtomicTangerine! 


draws amazing wolves, check her out! :D Her most popular mascot is probably a wolf named Violet and she is super cool! 


Draws in an anime style. Tends to comment and gift A LOT. Leaves very positive comments. She draws some very cute stuff and is my fave artist with less than 300 fans! (No offense. :3)


She does have 346 fans, but it's not enough for her great art! She did become Artist of the Week a couple of months ago. She usually draws animals, and they look really good! Click here to check out art by FlowerSusie!


Has around 70 fans. Draws in PPG style. Is probably very young. Would love to be anyone's friend! :)


Is an artist who does PPG style but her new style isn't approved yet.She has 55 fans and has a mascot named Clairissa. She works very hard working and works up to 5 hours on her pictures.She has 690 stars. Even though she isn't really that popular one of her contest entries hit 300 views. She made a picture thanking her fans for that, but it did not approve. Her latest art has not approved. Click here to see art by disneycreate444!


An artist with 100+ fans, draws in anime style. Does not fave a lot of stuff. XD She likes dubstep and is a really good artist. Definitely deserves more fans, her art rocks! Check her out. :3


And artist who just got to 100 fans. She draws anime characters who tend to have long bangs and really huge, kawaii eyes. Her style is so cute, you have to check her out!


Elegantly_Art1 (also known as Ele) is a PPG artist with 200+ fans. She is amazing but doesn't get recognized by her fellow creators, sadly. She tries out different styles occasionally, but mainly sticks to PPGs.