I see so many pages filled to the brim with nonsense, stupidity, and problems that have no concern to me. ^~^

Here are the ten commandments to making a Page.

1 Make it at least about the Wiki or Create. No, I do not want a page on how bad your life is.

2 No pages on problems, gossip, or to start a conversation. Thats what comments and blogs are for.

3 I do not want your butthurt. Please do not make a whole page to complain about someone or something.

4 Do not make pages for artists who do not know about this Wikia. People will think they are here or will get freaked out.

5 Moderate use of cussing please. Millions of people can see these pages.

6 If it has something to do with you, include all the information on one page. No, I do not want to have to look at 3 pages just to see your likes, dislikes, and characters.

7 If you want to make a page, consider re - using a page. It's the same and I am up to my neck in pages.

8 We don't need advertisements. Do not make a page to star, beg, or tell me to see someone's art. Again, comments.

9 Good cause, wrong format. If you want to help clear everything up and share your thoughs, use that dust covered thing you call a blog or comment.

10 Follow these rules dilligently and wisely. Anything that anyone finds unnecessary will be considered for the removal of the information on the said page.

This will be the future master page. You can suggest pages for recycling ( since we can't delete them ) clear information on pages, and ask questions about pages. Let's add some liks and make travel around the Wikia faster, okay? ^-^

Thank you.

a note about this from nan

alright, so may i comment that this is actually completely true. i'd really appreciate it if you would not make pages about your stories, your fanfiction, and how your day went. yes, i do care about all of that, but i'd appreciate that we keep the wiki based around create with the pages, you can use your talk page, a blog post, and the fourm to post these things and keep the wiki based around information, as it was made to be.

i moderate the pages and if i do see something like this, i'll give you a warning so you can get your text off the page and onto a blog post or something of other. i'll delete those pages the next day.

thank you.

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