• New char PLZ LOOK MIST566! <3
Alexa comic

TBoo1's comic

Tablet001's request page.== Haha just noticed I spelled my name wrong XD

Hey yall! So I decided to start taking requests here! I'm only

doing 1-2 requests per person though... cause I still have

con requests to fill out from October XD! Here is what I do:

  • OSCS(I do this mainly.)
  • Wolf(I'm not verry good at it though)
  • cat(I can be good or bad)
  • Manga(I'm workin on it)
  • PPGS(I feel pretty confident in this)

Thats really it... But if you want me to draw a pic of 1 of my

characters with one of yours add a link to the most

best pic of that character please! Thx!

Guess what! 

Guess what! I am going to do a GROUP PIC! It will have me,

and 3-5 of you in part one and the rest with me in part two!

So! I will be drawing us in OSC so if the only style youv'e drawn yourself as is MLP, Wolf, or any other creature