Supercreations is a retired artist on create with 160000+ stars and
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over 2600 fans. Although she doesn't draw anymore, she may go on rarely to look at pictures. Her favorite artist is said to be SLiNKi47. Unfortunately, people seem to copy SC a lot. 

Colors! 3D

Now that Supercreations is not on DC, she goes on a 3DS drawing site called Colors! 3D. Her Colors! 3D account is Sparks!. She has shown much improvement on this site since leaving DC. She is no longer in colors 3D. She still continues to draw but no longer publishes her art in colors 3D.

Art Styles

She has a very cute but simple anime type style. She draws wolves, cats, nightfuries, Club Penguin, Lion King, and her own style which is somewhat in a human form, but looking like an animal.
  • Loup
  • Super & Milo
  • Supercreations Wallpaper
  • Christmas picture
  • Super & Drake
  • Akio the yoshi

Personality and Traits

She is a fan of Phineas and Ferb (as seen alot in older art) she also like Yoshi's from Mario games. Her fursona, Super, is a blue and green dog with a red bandana. She also has a pet dog in real life named Hachi. Her name is Aby; it is on her logos.


  • Super- one of the main characters and mascot! She is a foxwolf mix.
  • Sparks- unknown species
  • Milo- ex-mascot from DC. He is a wolf
  • Loup- a frence wolf
  • Yoshi- a green nightfury
  • Unnamed tiger
  • Koop- a fan made koppa oc
  • Jake
  • Marco
  • Looloo
  • Josh
  • Tauku
  • Flame
  • Frost
  • Cheka
  • Llama
  • Drake
  • And many more...

Off of DC

  • Foxy
  • And tons of many more crazy characters