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The artists on Disney Create known as "Sonic artists" are users who either make fanart of the popular Sega character, Sonic (along with Amy, Tails, Knuckles, etc.), create and draw their own original Sonic characters (commonly abbreviated as OSC), or do both. Some of the most well-known Sonic artists on DC are becksbuddy, amyrosefan2009, supaAmber09, ArtisticFoxSkellington_Rox, KneeSocksStudio, jellybeans411, Yippy-Yap-Yap, fairy_fun099Rose20_23catsdogsandfish, and ECLIPSED_MOON13.  Some of the lesser known but talented sonic artists on DC are moon0123Tablet001Mist566, Ilove_therainBattybat8, BubbleSkirt , blackpuffleDJ , and TOXICPURE. Some artists, like Denim03, oO_birdie_Oo , BoBoJoeMockingjay1001 , Pinkshimmer16petshopface, and Sonamy4everfan1, draw OSCs, but not mainly. Which sonic artists do you like the best?