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Grapes's old look

Her Story

Smartdazzle's birthday is on April 27. She was born deaf, so she has this thing called a cochlear implant (look it up if you want to know more) When she joined Disney Create, she scrolled down to the featured artist's page. The first thing she saw was supercreations's art. That's when the inspiration sparked inside of her. She will never forget supercreations or InfinityKreations because they were my inspirations for drawing, and that's how she became a better artist.

Link to her user page: http://disneycreate.wikia.com/wiki/User:Smartdazzle

Her Art

She draws humans sometimes, but she mainly draws animals. Her main mascot is a green and purple wolf that used to wear pigtails, which are her ears, named Grapes.

She had over 600 fans and 10000 stars.

Grapes's Reference Sheet. 2014

Grapes, My Icon pic

Grapes, Thinking about Jay (Supercreations's OC)

Some of Grapes's pictures:

Grapes's Old look


She drew with supercreations's style in the past, but now, she draws in her own style combined with supercreations's style.


Grapes (hybrid of fox and wolf)

Dazzle (cat)

Cupcake (cat)

Fern (Nightfury)

Flora (dog)

Dylan (dog)

Hawk (wolf)

Starlight (wolf)

Eco (cat)

Grape (bunny)

Angel (unicorn, not mlp)

Pastel (bird)

Shelly (seahorse)

Aqua (Kurabusa,a made-up species by Yoshi-egg)

Blaze (Grapes's twin sister who looks different)

Ruby (Aveswolf, a made-up specties by InspireStorm)

Vanilla Swirl (puppy)

Drake Jr. (Future son of Grapes)

Vine (Future Daughter of Grapes)

Strawberry (nightfury)

Lilo (wolf inspired by Supercreations character, Milo)

Silverstar (wolf)

Lulu (unpublished character)

Jacqueline (wolf)

Oliver (oldest and first OC and wolf OC)