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Heya people! Since almost EVERYBODY has a page about themselves, I decided to make one about me. So if you want to learn more about me...READ ON!

Sameehagirl11 was an artist on Disney Create (which is now closed :( ) in which she had around 135 fans and 3439 stars! She was not that popular though, and will probably be ranked around "starting to be successful.." people on DC. She mostly drew PPG and her own manga type of style. She has only been on DC since September 2013...and won't have her DC's one year (or more!) anniversary due to the fact that it's already closed down on May the 1st, 2014! so well that's it for her INTRO! ^_^ :D :)  (BTW: The art pics below are all drawn by me ! :D) .

The Back Story

So you guys might have wondered..."How did she get her username?" Well it all started back when i used to play Pixie Hollow and was creating my d-name. I was pretty bad at picking names by then so I just wrote my name which you guys may know is Sameeha, and at that time I was 11 and obviously a girl so there: "Sameehagirl11" (Yeah yeah, boring name history! But hey its true! :P                                               

The Disney Days

The time when i found out about Disney create was around Sept 2013 (i think at least.. :P) while I was searching things in the Disney website and found an ad of a Minnie and daisy BFF comic, I drew one...but soon realized we had to have an account, so I used my pixie hollow one. I first started drawing on another account but soon switched to the one that you all know me as. After a few art pics, I started getting fans! It was hard to decide on my mascot, but I ended up making it a lot similar to my actual appearance. I actually have dark brown-ish hair (almost black) and brown eyes, but somehow I ended up drawing myself with BLUE eyes instead of brown..! I did want a unique and special appearance and dreamed to become the most famous and unique black haired and light blue eyed girl throughout Disney Create! (Though that dream hasn't exactly been accomplished and will possibly not be :( )        

Some Random Facts About Sameehagirl11

  • Sameehagirl11's Lucky number is 5
  • Her Favorite color is purple (yea yea...u knew that!)
  • She draws herself with black hair usually in a ponytail and blue eyes!
  • In real life she is pretty quiet
  • If she has to request something, you know it's going to be "Draw you and me eating cupcakes!" ^_^ (unless u already did that!)
  • One of her most successful drawings was the "PPG Mascot Giveaway #1!" which had 1,296 views and 207 stars
  • Her top 3 fave colors are Purple, Pink and blue! (I'm pretty sure you knew that..right? O_o)
  • She loves spring because her birthday is during it!
  • She hates sports and loves art (duh!) although she does like ultimate frisbee and dodge ball if that's a sport...
  • Samee is in Gr. 11 (as of right now!)
  • And she cannot think of more random facts about her self at the moment, so she'll do that later if she remembers to...

(Thanks to all of my friends that have drawn something for me as shown on the right slideshow below! I really appreciate it! ^_^)


Heya (AGAIN) everyone! ^_^ Anyways as u know this section is the FRIENDS section! :D So well i wanna be friends with all of you guys so please don't forget to add yourself in this list! (this list better be long :P, BTW no specific order!)

  • Eclipseowl ^w^
  • Miest.566
  • Colorheart 
  • Awesomeperson110
  • Smartdazzle ^3^
  • Gumbles La Great *U*