Disney Create Wiki

Rose20_23 is a some-what popular on Create.  She has a star count of 27400+, and 600 fans.  Her art style is creative is changing from time to time and getting better. http://disney.go.com/create/artists/Rose20_23

Favorite Art

I often draw SCs, but will go into other styles every once in a while.  My art includes:

- SCs

- MLPs

- PPGs

- Pokemon

- The Occassional NightFurrie

Relations With Other Artists

I hope I inspire some users, but I think most simply seem to ignore me.  My DC BFF (As stated in a picture) is Dachshund12 (or KneeSocksStudios, if you prefer). One of my biggest inspirations is Jellybeans411, Fairy_Fun099, E_M13, Skellington_Rox, and more!