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Hello, greetings from the land of Atlantis.  Here we have many fish and even more sushi! Thank you for coming. "Rapunzelosum is frikkin amazing and wonderful and really pretty and talented"


"Food is like so delicious, man."

-Ro- I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Ellie, as some poeple know me on DC, but my friends here on the wiki call me Ro or Rogurt. I like original artwork, good art-itudes (being confident in what you draw), and, of course, effort. This picture on the right is something I drew about a year ago (According to the date September 12, 2014) and I really didn't put a lot of effort in. But, I still recognize it as one of my favorite drawings.

What to do when talking to me

Here's what I like to hear when you are talking to me:

-Polite attitude

-Proper grammar and spelling (Please try your best!)

-Make me laugh!

-Ask me questions, I love answering things

-Make it as interesting as possible

-Try to stay on topic (I know, it's hard XD)

-Don't use vulgar language 

My art styles 

I am known on Create for drawing ponies, but I also love drawing:


-Original Characters



-Gravity Falls

I draw them all equally, but occassionaly I go through different phases of drawings. As of this moment, I practice human styles.Ellie 06:39, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

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