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Primrose Puppy

I used to be a semi-popular artist on Disney Create. I can't remember how many stars or fans I got but I didn't get many on a basis. About 5 of my works on DC ended up on the front page and I still remember them to

my character Pip the cat! I Don't have any recent pictures of Bee but this is my recent mascot!

this day!

Origin of D-Name

I was a serious fan of DaisyDogPoodle and during the time I had just finished the Hunger Games series.. So.. Primrose-Puppy! Recently online I now go by Strideeri :)

PrimrosePuppy's artwork

My style ranged from a Cartoony-Chibi like style on DC. My mascot was Bee the Collie and she was my "fursona" or animal view of myself. I preferred to draw animals more than anything honestly.. I was never a people person! My newer artwork still remains the same but iv'e been experimenting more with colors and widening my horizon more!

(I forgot to save a lot of my artwork on DC so If you see any of my pictures online please add them!)


I don't remember socializing much on DC.. I was actually kinda lonely on there because I was unpopular. I do remember having art trades and contact with PetShopFace though! I don't know anyone from DC personally so I suppose I was sort of a lone account..


Personally, I'm a very immature and funny person once you get to know me! I have a small zone of friends since I don't socialize much but I love to get to know someone new every once in a while!

Where did I go?

I'm actually still active in the art community! DC has given me such a boost into what I love doing and so I've

Some of my recent artwork!

been perusing it ever since the shut down! You can find me on Ifunny,

25900569f6dbbe1e880ec1f9eab0fb681aad345c992fc4a78d1dcb421603f93f 1.jpg

Instagram, and Furaffinity!

[1]My Ifunny

[2]My FA


  • Honey Bee (Main mascot on DC, retired)
  • Bookbag (DC, retired)
  • Chelsea (DC, retired)

These are my recent fursona/characters:

  • Fehyr (My main fursona)
  • Viper
  • Venus
  • Seattle
  • Kindle
  • Pip
  • Nana
  • Sweek