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Made by Pinkshimmer16 :)

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Pinkie had 2,800+ fans before disney create closed.


Her main mascots are Pinkie, Chloe and Sophie. Her very first mascot had reddish hair and green eyes.

♡Don't forget to check out her art on Deviantart!♡

Friends (No specific order)

  1. Mockingjay1001
  2. Candifloss
  3. Theyashd
  5. Vampireart4
  6. Sarasparks
  7. oO_Birdie_Oo
  8. lilderpderp
  9. Zuesdemuigod2002
  10. 123Lovelost
  12. Im_Pawprintz
  13. Cutie_Cat1001
  14. Under_Par
  16. Mist566
  17. Elegantly_Art1
  18. Sameehagirl11
  19. Swimmy130
  20. andreathethird
  21. Eclipseowl (Guest526748974)
  22. I_likes_Wolves/ Wolfie
  23. Steps4554
  24. Ghoulfriendtime (Ghoulgirlgotspirit10/Ghoullycats)

And many more! Feel free to add yourself :)

Her PPG Style

PinkShimmer16 (also Pinkshimmer10, DC has messed up) has adapted her own style of PPGs over time. Her characters are smaller, and the bodies are much skinnier, the legs much longer also. Her hairstyles tend to be shorter than those of artists such as Candifloss, which reach down to the lower back or even longer. 

One of the eyes is bigger than the other, another obvious giveaway that a piece of art is hers. She also tends to draw tank tops that get wider at the ends and shorts for an outfit frequently. 

Pinkie has finally reached her goal of 2,000 fans and 75+ watchers on DA! <3

♡  Luv you guys  ♡  Thanks for all teh fans and watchers :D -Pinkeh