"Follow your heart, never give up, and believe..."


DC Stuff

Hi! I am Pink_Pop101-! I used to be JAS_Jassy15. .__________. I now have an account where my name ISN'T ridiculous. :P I draw in chibi, manga (at least I try to draw manga :P) PPG, and once in a while I'll try MLP. I am now done with this section. So yah.

Likes 0:D

  • Chainsaws >:)
  • kitties
  • my phone
  • pink and green (hence the name "PinkPop")
  • drawing
  • 1D
  • Giraffes (did I spell that right? LOL!)
  • Hello Kitty
  • creepers
  • MJ, Candi, ZDG, Birdie*22, 123LoveLost, JKstudios, PinkShimmer16, PengyTees, and Katebith (the most, not to offend you)
  • CHEESE!!!
  • bacon (duhhh...)
  • DC
  • this wiki :)
  • ice cweaaaaaaaammmmmmmm
  • Little Mix
  • Um, Coldplay, DUHHH!

Dislikes >:(

  • Lucy100-'s copies
  • brussel sprouts
  • pineapple
  • sasauge
  • Birds (unlike Birdie*22 who is a birdIE)
  • history
  • annoying ads
  • smart as*es ( sorry for the fowl language)
  • bullies
  • JUSTIN BEAVER (yah, I says itt, BEAVER!)
  • kids who are always askin' stupid questions... -__-
  • beavers, duhhoooyyyyy!
  • reading ('less its HP or Percy Jackson)
  • hoochie-mamas (if yous know what dat is)
  • saggerssss!!!!!!!!!!!

My Real Appearence

I have dark brown eyes. My hair is the same. Many people, okay, two people, have asked me this: Do I really have highlights? No! Only for DC. Though I would like them. I have a friendly smile and  pretty, long hair. I have fat thighs (my only insecuritie) and thin legs. I look like Chubaca with all my leg hair. ._. My arms and waist are average, but I'm very tall. I am already 4"10! You might see a scar on my neck. (lonng story there :/) And I have a lot of moles. :)

Other Facts

  1. I am Mexicano
  2. I always wear shorts
  3. I love texting <3
  4. Dogs are mah babies!
  5. Music I listen to: Taylor Swift, Vocaloid, Coldplay, Adele, 1D, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Little Mix, and Queen
  6. I love HARRY and he loves meh! ^-^
    One direction gif by lisselrmv-d5dfaj6 zps08af9a38

    Mah babehs!

Requests, Anyone?

As you (might) know, I have done some requests. They are below. ^-^. If you like, you can request something. I for sure will draw it. I will only draw in the following styles: MLP, PPG, and my chibi. I've drawn for  MJ, Candifloss, and Katebith.

Some Art I've Drawn