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"My shirt smells like apples"

- Wisdom of PicklezTheGreat

PicklezTheGreat (earlier on known as hottiecutie101) is one of the lesser known artists on the children's art sharing website, Disney Create. As of April 2013, she has 150+ fans and 1700+ stars. She refers to herself as Isabelle, though her real name is Lydia.


Sometime in July 2011, PicklezTheGreat discovered Disney Create. Her first creation, titled "In The Moonlight", was made under the username hottiecutie101. She made many creations under this name, up until early May 2012, when she deleted all the works from the account. A few weeks later, she returned as PicklezTheGreat, where she worked using a different name, persona, and art style, as well as new characters. Her original reason for making the new account was to introduce the characters she had created since joining the popular art site, deviantART, earlier that year, though she, for lack of better words, left before she got the chance to.


  • Soriva
  • Quartz Frey
  • Paika
  • Qaline Tralei
  • Safeti Kintel
  • August
  • Olivia


  • As of April 2013, PicklezTheGreat is 14 years old.
  • PicklezTheGreat's username comes from her nickname, Picklez, which she recieved at a summer camp.
  • PicklezTheGreat is also the creator of the popular-but-not-popular PPG account, emmytheartist10.


PicklezTheGreat's Disney Create account | http://disney.go.com/create/artists/PicklezTheGreat

PicklezTheGreat's deviantART account | http://p-i-c-k-l-e-s.deviantart.com/