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A picture Paigeipo01 made in February 2013


  • Mint                                      Paige's most well-known mascot is a minty-green wolf fursona named Mint. When she was first created on DC, she was originally a cat. But later on Paige's DC life, she changed her to a wolf. Mint crushes were: Jay (Supercreations), Kaymen (Zoroark1), Jake (Shad0wwolf) Paige once commented on one of smartdazzle's drawing saying that she chose Kaymen over Jay and Jake.
  • Neptune 

​            Neptune is a black wolf with (neon maybe more like electric) blue hair and markings. Known to be crushing on Drake (Supercreations) for a while until Supercreations made a Kurabusa (species created my yoshi-egg) named Llama. Neptune started crushing on him instead of Drake.

  • Sharplaton

      Sharplaton is pretty much an orange wolf. Known to be one of Paige's oldest characters. Later on, Sharplaton became Pepper's (Shad0wwolf) boyfriend.

  • Luke

​             Luke is a very recent OC of Paige. Luke is a manily (i think winged) white wolf (and half fox..i think) with jade/pale green markings and accessories. Known to be crushing on smartdazzle's OC, Grapes.

  • Ice

              Ice was known to be Mint's sister. She is mainly a white wolf with blue and sky blue markings. Was known to crush on Flames (Supercreations).

  • ​Hawk

             Hawk is mainly a winged brown wolf with darker brown markings and known to have a crush on Grapes (smartdazzle

The Artist

Paigeipo01 real name is (obviously) Paige.  Known to be DCBFF's (Disney Create Best Friends Forever) with smartdazzle cause they draw for each other a lot.  Paige draws mainly wolves & cats. Occaisionlly draws humans (says she draws anime/manga), landscapes, and realistic every once in a while. Paige has over 700 fans.