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Me as Alice!

Hello, I'm MysticMedows. I started drawing on DC On Feb-22-2013. I have over 500 fans and over 16000 stars. I got Artist of the Week on October-18-2013. 

My Wiki: http://disneycreate.wikia.com/wiki/User:MysticMedows

You could find me on these other sites: 

I don't go on this site much, so if you would like to talk to me, I'm on DeviantArt. 

I drew Meg from Paperman because I loved the short film Paperman so much! it was awesome:) And the music is so nice!

About me

I'm a fifteen year old, homeschooled, self taught artist. I have a passion for drawing, I just want to keep improving. My dream is to become a professional artist. I also post some photography. Feel free to ask questions. 


Favorite DC Artists

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DC Bffs

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Wow!! I made a lot of friends on this wiki! I'm so happy! Sorry if I missed anyone! :)

Feel free to add yourself in! :)



Hello fellow DC Wikiersss! Just a reminder: Do NOT post anything rude on here about other people, artists. If they saw something about them on here It could really hurt their feelings. Do NOT accuse people of copying their art if you are not entirely sure about it! Just because they have the same color hair and eyes as your picture does NOT mean it's a copy! Just because a picture has the same pose or face expression It Does NOT mean it's a copy! So pleaseeeeee DO NOT accuse people of art theft if you are NOT entirely sure! Thank you. =D It's not a gossiping site dudes...