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Cotton's NL


Skylar&Nick <3

Before I left DC, I had 600+ watchers... or fans... or followers... whatever it was called xD After about a year of being on DC I left and joined Deviantart!

Art Styles

I often draw wolves and cats, but I will occasionally draw humans, soinc characters, and secenery!

Personality and Traits

Helllo! I'm Camille, but people often call me Cami, Winter, or Gamzee! :D I'm shy at first but once you get to know me I am very outgoing xD I love reading, animals, art, music, and video games!

Other stuff

My favorite bands are:

Three Days Grace

Within Temptation


Green Day

Linkin Park

and Fan music :3

Thank You!

Thank you Tablet001 for making this! ^^

I saw you wanted a page Minecraft! edit however you want!

Your fan and friend...