MF is very proud of this

Maximum Fire

MF is a somewhat popular artist on DC

Stuff she likes to draw

MF is getting popular for her Frozen Jokes and style. 

She also has created 'Disney Princess comics' Where she makes her own disney Princess story. Right now the 'Disney Princess comics' are only being made by MF.


Even though MF doesn't like to draw herself on create, she has curly brown hair, gray eyes, and is tall and slender.  ==Personality== MF is very stubborn, far from being girly, she's also very funny, shes nice but she can get easily angerd. MF also hates drama.

'Disney Princess Comics'

MF is starting her very first Disney Princess comic, Called Dreams. It will be about a Princess named


Amy from MF's DP comic

Amy who gets trapped in a dream world by a cruel person who wants to take her throne. The only way she can get out is making her own dream world for everyone to see.

Altough she dosen't have the full idea yet, MF is planning her next Disney Princess comic to be an Ancient Egyptain tale.