LuciaFrostyblossem is a girl on Disney Create that usually draws wolves, OSCs, cats, anime, and makes a comic once in a while. You may call her LF, for a shortened reference. She has 200+ fans and 7000+ stars. (I draw whatever I feel like, because I'm the rebellious salmon in the stream :3, if you know what I mean)

History on Disney Create

LuciaFrostyblossem joined in March or April of 2010. At first, she tried so hard to get people to look and rate her drawings. But, with a mouse, she was terrible at drawing on a computer. Ever since the beginning of 2012, she has been found due to one of her more-viewed drawings. You may have seen her art on the homepage of Disney Create. She got this stupid d-name because when she first registered on the Pixie Hollow website, she had no clue what a d-name was, and so she put her fairy name. She feels pitiful about her suckish d-name. She regrets it a lot.

Okay, my d-name came from my main fairy on PH of Lucia Frostyblossem. You don't need to ask any more than that.

Art Styles

I usually draw manga wolves, anthromorphic characters, fan art, anime style humans, animals, and sometimes realistic objects.

Occassionally I draw landscapes and mechanical things (like robots, buildings or cars).


A drawing I'm proud of.

Well, I can't really explain how it draw.
  1. But I will tell you this now, I use writing utensils with a odd position of my fingers.

Now in First Person view... More Details of me...

Hi, it's great to meet you!

I like art. I started it when I was about 2-3 years old. I drew horribly, but everyone starts somewhere.

Among the my classmates, I've been "voted" the best artist out of all of them.

I am Japanese/Filipino. I was born in Japan. My hair color is almost black, but it is still brown. My hair reaches my shoulders. My eyes are about the same color as my hair. I am medium height for my age (which is 12 years); I'm 5' 1". My favorite colors are neutrals and bright, bright blue.

I'm not a really outgoing person. However, I do make some good jokes. I'm kind of shy at first, but once I know you enough I'll act... Strange. My best friend turned me into a monster of crazyness (when I'm by her).

I'm athesist :| Don't judge me.



  • Electronic Dance Music
  • Art (dur)
  • Copic Markers (the holy markers)
  • Abstract/Fractal art
  • Manga art
  • Wolves
  • MLPs
  • Dragons/Snakes(that are nice)
  • Foxes (huehuehue)
  • Medium hair
  • Being different
  • Neutrals and blue colors
  • Food, I can't decide
  • Minature Food (they make me cry because I can't eat them)


  • When people copy me (grr)
  • I don't like the color yellow much :/
  • Art Block
  • Writing Block
  • Typing a lot
  • When I get tired
  • Poisonous Snakes
  • Crickets/Creepy Bugs

Profiles on websites:

LuciaFrostyblossem on Disney Create

Skinnyleanna on Twitter

Skinnyleanna on Wattpad

Arting that Art, my Art blog

xXUltimate_ProximityXx (me) on Instagram

Secrets and Perks

Click here to get Paint Tool SAI full version for free!

Press "W" on the keyboard on the Manga Digital Painter. (WARNING: SAVE YOUR DRAWING FIRST!) A secret menu will pop up. :3 You can make strange but cool art when you choose the different colors.