Colorsplash 2


Katebith is a slightly famous artist with 500 fans and over 30000 stars.

Art styles

I Almost always draw MLP,  I occasionally draw PPGs.

Personality and Traits

In PPG form I have red hair, green eyes, and neon blue highlights.  In MLP form my name is Colorsplash (the one on the left) and I have a dark teal coat, a neon rainbow mane, and bright green eyes.  I can be described as being out-going, funny, huge temper, fun and a tomboy (once a classmate randomly came up to me and told me so 0_0)  I'm in an advanced academics program currently.  I tend to hold grudges for a LONG time.


Colorsplash (My main character based off of me)
  • Colorsplash
  • Sandy Shores
  • Stargazer


Sandy Shores


Me and my sister (mea321)  have a group account called discodudes!  Check us out!


Rock climbing


Art (of course)


One Republic, Coldplay, Taylor Swift

Real Appearance

My real appearance

My real appearance!

My real apperance is:

  • red-gold-brown hair
  • my hair is chest length
  • pale skin
  • green eyes
  • a bit heavy :P

Inspirational artists

basically all my DCFs


Favorite show: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Favorite book series: The Hunger Games

Favorite songs: Feel Again, All the Right Moves, and Stop and Stare by one republic; Eyes Open, and the Last Time by Taylor Swift; Viva la vida, and clocks by coldplay; Animal (cover) by sky ferreria; Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol; Stay by Rihanna; and Ash by theseccesion.

Favorite sport: Rock climbing, archery

Favorite food: sushi

Favorite outfit: basketball shorts, blue loose t-shirt, and boy's green and white shoes even though I'm a girl :P

Favorite drink: coke

Favorite subject: art (duh)

Favorite color: neon blue or turquoise

Favorite band: Coldplay, thesecession, and One Republic

Favorite music genres: alternative, alternative rock, pop, pop rock, rock.


I want to be an astronaut once I grow up

Likes :D

  • Sweets and sugar
  • Sour stuff
  • My DCFs!
  • My real life besties!
  • Disney Create (duh)
  • Art (again, duh)
  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing
  • MLP FIM (you probably noticed :P)
  • Music
  • Sushi :3
  • Kind people
  • Outer space
  • The night sky


  • Art theives :(
  • SCHOOL!!!!!!!
  • Trolls
  • Bullies
  • Too much light (I get a headache)
  • The mustache trend (sorry!)
  • Rude people
  • Twitter
  • People who think the world revolves around them e_e
  • People who think that age matters a lot (what matters is maturity)
  • Hypocrites
  • Scammers


Everyone on here pretty much. lol

Best Work!

Here are the drawings I'm most proud of:

Feelings on Art Theft

I hate art theft, but I don't get very angry when it happens to me, I'll just hold a grudge for a very LONG time.

I am taking requests!

Feel free to ask for any mlp drawing!

Hey KateBith Can you Draw Marina and Colorsplash Together? And I think Snowdrop is adorible!~watername2468~

Hey Katebith? Can you draw me and you? (what we look like in real life) Here's what i look like!

-Black hair that's top of neck length

-Brown glasses (brown is the main color)

-Dark brown eyes

-Light skin

Draw me with shorts that are just above ankles and short-sleeved t-shirt. WITH, Light blue converse.


New Elements of harmony, Laughter

It's not published, but that doesn't mean it does not exist

Sure!  :D

I really want you to take a try in another style :) 


I'll try, but it probably won't be very good :P

Katebith, can you draw Minty Sweet with Color Splash?