There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say 'watch me.' -unknown

Who is isparklehearts?

isparklehearts is an artist with 2000+ fans and 31000+ stars.


It all started during Summer vacation. I was in Asia and I'd draw comics on the back of scratch paper. I did a total of around 100+ pages and when i got back to America, my progress of drawing failed. There was more stuff to do, we had a computer of our own, and such. At school during class when I wasn't paying attention, I'd doodle. Doodle helped me back into my game. I got to draw more chibi animals. One of my first creations that posted was my OC Charco, and if you scroll all the way down on my creations on Disney, they're there. I started using the head shape to create human-like qualities and turned it into a tiny-human that looked just like a chibi. After many years of practicing, I moved to Deviantart to receive more constructive feedback as well as to seek more inspirations. The world was a bigger place than I thought! I got out of my comfort zone to start drawing anime. I posted more traditional artworks than digital. From this day forward, you can still find me doing so~

How I found this wiki was when I clicked a random button on the computer (because i was trying to ctrl z but i accidentally clicked CAPS LOCK w) and then the warp editor popped open. I had no idea how to get rid of it so I tried looking it up. I saw this wiki mentioned it so I peeked at every page but I couldnt find it. I saw some people talking on here so I thought- why not say hi? So basically, the Warp Editor showed me Disney Create Wiki :)


Animes: Death Parade, Parasyte, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Little Busters!, Anohana

Colors: Orange

Singers: Rib, Reol, Soraru, Kradness, Yuikonnu, GRANiDELiA, LiSA

Youtubers: NicoB, Rib2525official, Nigahiga, Animenz, ChibiReviews

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Psychological

Games: Rune Factory, Super Smash Bros 3DS, Professor Layton, Dangan Ronpa, The Walking Dead

Real Life

In real life, I have midnight brown hair (what I'd like to call it because people think its black but its brown). My eyes are pretty much the same color. I wear dark red glasses and my hair is shoulder length. I'm often seen wearing an orange sweater with cool gray stripes, as well as a ruffle-y light blue shirt and khaki pants.


  • Real name is Claire
  • Only eats corn and cucumbers when it comes to vegetables
  • Still doesnt know how to do the monkey bars
  • No charisma

Since school is starting, I'm only able to create on Fridays, Saturdays, Dundays, or any Holiday or break!