Hello!I'm GraceRaincloud from Disney Create. I only have 150+ fans and 1700+ stars and I'm a........ ummm..........a.....semipopular artist?Idk.

PC - GraceRaincloud

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ORGIN OF GRACERAINCLOUD(got the idea from derp *U*)

How I found DC:.....super boring. I was on the good luck charlie website and it said CREATE A MASHUP so I did and I wanted to save it, so I got a account

How I found the wiki: In June, I searched "how do you get your art approved in Disney Create" and I found the How to Get Your Art Approved  page in google so I clicked it and got a account

How I got my stupid d-name lol: I have a Wizard101 account and one of my characters are called Grace Raincloud, so for a DC account, I used it. Now I ABSOLUTELY dread it :c oh yeah plz call me grace, i perfer that~ next person who calls me GraceRaincloud will be shot no jk

About Me

I love drawing, and I draw way better offline(well in coloring i'm better online). But I'm better making people not animals or anything like that.I live in Texas and I'm like you could say Indian-American. I don't mean I am a Native American or something!!I'm from India.In school I'm nice, a little shy(i love talking! but nobody seems to like me.i mean offline), and pretty much a loner.I really don't have friends.But with my family I am talkative and I have 3 little brothers.I love reading, too! My favorite book series are Harry Potter,  Percy Jackson, and The Mysterious Benedict Society series. And I could finish books very quickly. And I'm also a funny person! But I'm really boring at school. Im only funny and could only make witty remarks at home.


I have black hair. And I have very dark brown eyes, but I just make it lighter in Disney Create. And I wear glasses too and need braces later. And about my hair, its straight(and tangled)and long too. I don't have highlights, don't want them, and never will. Oh yeah and I barely draw my glasses in DC.I barely care about my looks and a little bit tomboyish(my mom doesn't like it I barely care about my looks)And I get embarrased when I have to wear short sleeved shirts and sometimes when I wear dresses.

Disney Create Friends

I still added you even if I don't get treated like a friend

  • Katebith
  • MysticMedows
  • JKStudios
  • candifloss
  • lilderpderp
  • casualgirl10
  • CrazyCat
  • ZuesDemigod
  • Da1andonlehKLETOM
  • ROCKY-COOKIE(RC12 here)
  • puppydog58
  • 123LoveLost
  • isparklehearts
  • Mockingjay1001
  • BubbleSkirt
  • AmazingSierra(Neptune-chan here)
  • Derpyhooves78
  • SceneryZio
  • Mulligan100
  • Verena-Chan
  • Maximum-Fire
  • Blackpuffledj
  • Petshopface
  •  xXRavenLightXx
  • oO_birdie_Oo(birdie-official here)
  • PensandPaint3000
  • Bobo Joe
  • Under-Par
  • Watername2468
  • zeldaisgreat
  • SunnyKitty123(jesskitty here)
  • TeamFinnickOdair
  • g-cat123
  • Ghoulgirlgotspirit10 (Persephone or GGGS10)
  • Mist566

I'm sorry if I forgot you!!:c You could add to it if I forgot.


  • Abby(old)
  • Jessy(old)
  • Zoey
    • Zoey(i will make a better drawing of her soon)
    • Chika(drawn on da muro)
    • MiaGo to
    • Mai
    • AyakaGo to
  • Chika
  • Mia
  • Mai
  • Ayaka(only on deviantart)

Favorite Shows

  • Gravity Falls
  • Legend of Korra
  • The Last Airbender
  • Digimon Adventures Season 1/2
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Information if you want to friend me or check it out

As you already know, my D-name is GraceRaincloud.In Club Penguin, I'm susie322(but I don't log in anymore)In Poptropica,my username is jasongrace(long story.No caps or spaces)and I will appear as Speedy Crown(but I barely log in...)


Early March 2013: joined DC (yeah I did)

March 3, 2013: first drawing approved (ok a MASHUP:C)

Late June 2013: found the wiki.

July 17, 2013: got a deviantart acccout

Reaction to copying

I never been copied before so I don't how it feels like. But I could tell its very fustrating and makes the person that got copied angry.. So far no one copied me(i think...) so please tell me if i did,

Some of my favorite artists on DC!


  • reading
  • drawing(DUH!)
  • icecream
  • using Disney Create
  • my family
  • singing
  • dancing
  • and much more!


  • sports
  • bullies
  • cussing
  • homework
  • bugs
  • copycats
  • Justin Bieber
  • catfish(they feel/taste so akward)
  • growing up(periods mostly)
  • and much more!

Pictures People have done for me!

Here I will post pictures people have done for me or my OC's. People barely did any

  • by Ocwonauts, drawing for Zoey's New Look
  • by laurenspeace4, Zoey's New Look
  • by LivLovesArt, Zoey's New Look
  • by thedoodler_1234, Zoey's New Look
  • by sunnykitty123, Me
  • by ROCKY-COOKIE, drawing of us
  • by kletom, drawing of us
  • by BlueBubblesgirl, me
  • by oO_birdie_Oo, us
  • by Fizzywizzysoda, us
  • by VampieArt4, us
  • by PrincessPink2409, me
  • by candifloss, me and Zoey
  • by casualgirl10, my OC's Mia and Chika
  • Mai by lilderpderpGo to
  • Chika as a pony, by glowb

thing for me lol. If I forgot something , be free to add it!

I guess thats it lol

If you have any questions, ask me! And please don't do anything bad on my page. And you can't edit my page, unless you are adding your yourself to my friends, or you fixing gramer mistakes.

Thank you!