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EDIT: June 14, 2021

Oof, how come no one deleted my page here lol THIS IS SO MUCH CRINGE AAAAAA- but tbh I can’t believe I even remembered DC existing. 7 years later…. all of my old friends have moved on and left this behind. Kind of curious if anyone I had formerly talked to still remembers my existence, hm.. If you do then find me on Instagram and Twitter :) @emxiali

Now to forget this exists again. Thanks for the memories<3

//~~ end of edit ~~//

Old bio info and stuffs

Hey everyone, I'm Fire-Love100 on DC! I draw mostly PPG style & my own style(Chiame) I can draw chibi a little bit of anime & I can draw in MLP: FiM style.


Here is my DCF's: ROCKY-COOKIE, VEEN-RED-ROSE, Under_Par, 123LoveLost, PetShopFace, Ghoulfriendtime/Ghoulgirlgotspirt10, TheTARDISrocks, CrazyCat1802, Yoshicool136, VampireArt4, Waterpainter1144, Candifloss, Theyashd.

If I forgot anyone else or anyone who wants to be my friend please add yourself :)

Art styles

And this is my pics of my style look below

And that should be all then! Later!