Daisy's 2013 Ref Sheet

 Dogdaisypoodle is a popular artist with over 3000 fans and over 187910 stars.

Art styles

Most often draws wolves but cats and horses too :3 I can draw Humans but I don't find them fun to draw so I stick to animals XD My style does not change that often if it does it Is uselly minor things. And she's really really cool :D -paws

Personality and Traits

Hello I'm dogdaisypoodle but feel free to call me daisy That's what I most commonly go by on the web :)   My fursona is daisy with tan and brown fur, blue eyes, and a daisy in her hair. She is a wolf German Shepard mix (see ref sheet below) Daisy was created 4 years ago when she first joined create in 2010 I also have cat,dog and wolf OCS Daisy s boyfriend is jake by ILOVEMITTENS517. I love the warriors cats book i have and read all of the books :3

**Art trades are currently closed**  **request are closed**''''' My disney create page'

My favorite artist would have to be slinki47 But yippers too I have known her since I joined create And she is just very talented! My favorite when I first joined was nature1401 Look her up she has some GREAT art.

I like to animate off of create (my animations are loads better off create than On) I do that on photoshop elements 0.8 or flash professional

I use Wacom bamboo tablets in case you were wondering (Do not edit unless I asked) Feel free to add my art to photos :3 if you want to see art off of create

Carries (in no order)

Daisy (my fursona)








Kodi (not dc shared)


Jessica (not dc shared)

Hunter (not dc shared)


Oliver (due for new design)

Patches (no longer useing)

Beauty (old)

Shasta #2 (old)

Sam (old)

Bear (old)

Jane (not shared on DC)

Rex #2 (old)

Sammy (very old)

Shasta #1 (one of my first very old)

Rex #1 (very old)

Nancy (old)

Butterfly (very old)




I will finish this list soon :3

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