Web archive is a website made to reunite you with websites of the past, and their old formats. Recently Mist566 discovered the Web Archive for Disney Create in her blog. She discovered that you can still view seldom of your art, (With exceptions) Draw on the nonexistant digital painters, edit and upload stamps, and go on the main page and view what was popular then. You cannot log in or save your art though, limiting your experience.

You can access the site here

Also, Kirokonnai has discovered that people who haven't cleared their browser's cache since Disney Create closed its doors and have been to the site they're trying to return to are able to access the site through their cache. There are, as well, other archive sites, but seems to be the least problematic.

NOTE: As of 2017, this no longer works due to a bug in the Wayback Machine where Flash isn't working anymore.