Create Friends

Createfriends is a group account created by Mockingjay1001. The artists in it are Candifloss, IM_Pawprintz, isparklehearts, Zuesdemigod2002, Yummy1001, and Mockingjay1001.

Founder/Head Leader

I, (Mockingjay1001 or MJ for short) liked the way my DCF's drew. So I decided to make

a collab account. I had been thinking about making one for a few months - but I was afraid to ask them if they wanted to draw on a collab account. I finally had the guts to ask them - and they said yes! :D I was super excited to draw with my close Create friends, and I started the account right away. I sent them the details etc. And they logged in sucessfully. :) I named the account CreateFriends because well - we are Create friends. And yeah. So I am just glad that we can all draw in all our different styles in one account! :D TTYL! -Mockingjay1001

If you have any questions, or just anything about CreateFriends! Then just come to me on my wiki:

Just comment in the comment box below, thanks! :) -MJ

Vice Leader

Sorry no more vice leader...CF got banned.... And if it does come back, Candifloss will be the new Vice-Leader!


The majority of the style they drew is PPG, but Mockingjay, Zuesdemigod, and I'mPawprintz, have their own styles.

Drawing Approval Process

So far, the CF drawings are taking a long time to get approved and posted. *~* I will open up our past drawings and post them again though. *Sigh* Let's just be patient and wait. :P

"Can I be in your account MJ?"

I hate saying no. I just don't want to make you feel bad. :( But NO. You can't be apart of the account because we already have way too many account users on CF. Maybe you can make your own collab account with your own friends. :) And I truly am sorry if this hurts your feelings, but a no is a no. I don't always have to say "Yes" just to make you happy.

To: Account Users

I am trusting you to not tell anyone or give anyone the password about CreateFriends. One little peep and there will be a whole lot of people asking to join. I don't want you giving any of your family or friends the username and password. Got it? Thanks! :) -MJ1001 

Announcements! CreateFriends members look here!

Please draw yourself in my CF bff pic! I put your name on each box, so draw in the box with your name in it! Thanks and please draw in it! -Mockingjay1001

That's about it I guess.

So I hope you guys understand! Remember that i'm not trying to make you feel bad by not letting you join. :) But I hope you guys fan us! Fan us here:

Thank you! :D

Group pic

Our first group pic!