Here are the top most common art styles on Disney Create and some information about them.

PPG (Powerpuff Girl)

PPGs are very popular and common in DC. PPG artists usually have at least 50 fans. PPGs are from the show, of
  • By Theyashd
  • By Mockingjay1001
  • By Kletom
  • By Queendaphnee
  • By Cutie_Cat1001
course, Powerpuff Girls. It's not a Disney show, but somehow the style of drawing got popular in DC. Their features are round and have unique eyes.


Manga is not only popular in Disney Create, but almost everywhere. Manga is a Japanese anime style of art.
  • By artwonder12
  • By BoBoJoe
  • By Lilderpderp
  • By 123lovelost
  • By oO_birdie_Oo
  • By MysticMeadows
Manga people usually have large eyes and long legs. They look a bit more realistic than PPGs because of the body proportion.


Wolves are simply wolves. On DC the wolves don't look super realistic, because of their cartoon eyes, the variety of
  • By dogdaisypoodle
  • By Midnite_Eclipse
  • By ArtisticWolfLuv
  • By supercreations
  • By petshopface
colors, and most female wolves have hair like people. Wolves can represent different elements and artists put a lot of personification into them.

Sonic Characters (OSC's)

Sonic characters can be a variety of animals like cats, foxes, or hedgehogs like the actual Sonic. Like PPGs, they
  • By Pinkshimmer16
  • By Tablet001
  • By Mist566
  • By Rose20_23
  • By catsdogsandfish
are based on the Sonic video game style of art.

MLPs (My Little Pony)

  • By Lizzyisnowhere
  • By theTARDISrocks
  • By Katebith
  • By watername
  • By Starblaide
MLPs are from the show My Little Pony and are not owned by Disney, but by Hasbro. Many people draw the ponies from the show, but people mainly create their own ponies.

Adventure Time Characters

These characters are from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and, once again, aren't from Disney. They are
  • By Candifloss
  • By Thrillgirl24
  • By SToRM_CLoUDS_
  • By Wild-Tail
  • By fefet1
  • By wat66
skinny and look like regular humans. But what is unique about them is that their eyes are a simple black dot.


Chibi originally means "short" or "small" and is meant to be very cute. It can be pretty much anything small and
  • By SLiNKi47
  • By Vampireart4
  • By Verena-Chan
  • By Jenn5055
  • By isparklehearts
  • By zuesdemigod2002
cute with possibly oversized proportions. Although it is commonly mistaken for what is actually "kawaii." Chibi is a basically a small body with a larger head and large eyes.