The app you choose to make your art can have a large impact on how your finished piece will turn out. This article talks about what to choose for what you plan to make.


On the app page, there are eight sections called Featured Apps, This Week's Apps, Digital Painters, Photo Mashups,  Animods, Comic Creators, Video Mashups, and Flip Books. This segment will go over each section and the painters they contain.

Featured Apps/This Week's Apps

It's not recommended you go looking for apps to use in these two sections. Though yes, they do sometimes include reasonable painters that are okay for drawing, the Featured Apps section generally has painters that tend to be unused. This Week's Apps usually seems to have unreasonable thumbs that do very well at giving you suggestions on what to draw, but it often gives beginners the idea that anything you make in this painter will turn out as the thumb appearance wise. This does not tend to be a thing you can count on and simply seems to feature apps that currently have special themes.

Digital Painters

The Digital Painters section is by far a favorite among users. Generally boasting simple applications used specifically for drawing, they include less stamps and a varied brush collection you can use to draw. Unfortunately, these painters tend to freeze after long periods of drawing. Saving during or directly after freezing often causes crashing of the browser. The digital painter section of the apps contains the ever popular manga digital painter, by far the most used of all the apps.

Photo Mashups

Photo Mashups are made completely of stamps and such. Useful for stamp-fashion polls, wallpapers, and other projects that do not involve drawing, these tend to have themes based around the recent/popular Disney movies and television shows. They contain backgrounds, stamps (that tend to include the names of characters in memorable fonts), thought/speech bubbles, and the customary magnifying glass, eraser, and hand tool. In turn, they also do not tend to be used often, with exception of when one is newly released.

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