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Dragonballzgirl Dragonballzgirl 8 September 2020

Requests are open!

Would you like a request? I'm taking them! Whether it's your favorite anime or video game character, I will draw it (within reason of course)!






(most important rule) DO NOT POST/REPOST OUTSIDE THE DISNEY CREATE WIKI (we could get in trouble from Disney!)


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it's been so long oml

i always enjoy visiting this wiki for old times' sake tbh... i miss y'all and dc!! :(

im really happy i've managed to remain in contact with some through other social media, but i hope to reconnect with more of ya eventually!

i'm currently active on instagram, tumblr, and twitter under the alias "koujakuzure"! (i cant remember how to add in a link sorry,, orz)

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Thetardisrocks Thetardisrocks 23 September 2017




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CircusFreakOfficial CircusFreakOfficial 17 September 2015

I looked through some old art today...

You know when you look through old artwork and end up trying to deny you ever drew any of it.?

I was looking through my art stuff, with it was a sketchbook I didn't even remember drawing in >-< a lot of it was DC era... SC's, PPG's, really old attempts at anime style... I could never draw the other eye XD

Does anyone else go down memory lane?

CircusFreakOfficial (talk) 17:55, September 17, 2015 (UTC) Circus Freak

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CircusFreakOfficial CircusFreakOfficial 22 July 2015

Sickly Sick

So I just got over a stomach bug. "YAY!" is what I thought, but alas my sister came home from work with germs... So now I have a really bad cough and stuff. I have a date Saturday and I was/am really looking forward to it... I need to get better, but with everyone in my house coming down with this evil cold...

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CircusFreakOfficial CircusFreakOfficial 8 July 2015

Ugh! I hate writers Block.

I really hate writers block!

I haven't been able to write anything halfway decent in over a month.

Latest poem.

"Cicada's Lullaby"

Cicada, cicada listen to your cry.

Your horrific lullaby.

Cicada, cicada sleeping for so long.

Resting alone.

Cicada, cicada singing with your friends.

Beautiful wings in greens and reds.

Cicada, cicada coming out in the summer heat.

Until next we meat.

Cicada, Cicada cry, cry, cry me your horrific lullaby again...

I've always thought that the song the cicadas "sing" as creepy, but beautiful at the same time.

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CircusFreakOfficial CircusFreakOfficial 29 June 2015

So since create my art style has changed...

If you happen to know who I was then you would know I was average. I wasn't the best artist, but I enjoyed drawing digitally. I've been looking into some digital art programs and stuff like that... so I better myself and my Circus Freaks.

What are my Circus Freaks?

They are my OC's, my official style and the things create wouldn't approve.

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I likes Wolves I likes Wolves 24 May 2015

I probably won't ever finish writing this but I did a prologue and that's something so...

== ~Five years six months ago~

“Mom!!! Mom guess what! Mom…?” Jay called out to his mother trying to find her to tell her about his new friend. His footsteps could be heard echoing in just about every room in the entire house, so why wasn’t his mom answering him yet? And just when Jay was about to give up his mom jumped out of an adjoining room screaming, “Boo!” Jay screamed and ran away giggling before being swept up into his mother’s arms. They smiled in a fit of laughter. “Did ‘ya want to tell my something sweetie?” Jay’s mother asked him. Jay nodded fast. “Okay so like you know where our neighbor Ms. Jacky lives and stuff and how she has a son? So like I met him and he’s a couple years older than me so I was scared at first,…
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Cutie 1001 Cutie 1001 25 April 2015

Story Ideas?!?!?!

Hiya guys, its me da amazing Cutie! (Okay, not that amazing xD) But i just need a little help with a story on wattpad and i need some advice to make an awesome book!   (I already have a great plot)

Could any of you comment which of these you want in the story (you can also think of some supa cool elements, and please comment your answers!)

Name for main characters:

Girl:  Rowyn, Emily, Carrie, Alana, Other (Comment)

Boy: Dylan, Peyton, Cameron, Spencer, Other (Comment)


.Teen Fiction 





I Dunno if i should add super creepy exciting parts (I like creepy books xD),  but i might xD, I don't want  things like unicorns or fantasy creatures in it either, sorry ^u^ 

(Sorry bout all the questions, i have never wrot…

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Angimation Angimation 1 February 2015


Ok ok, So. I havn't been on facebook for a while now. But but but!!! I was looking at the messages I have sent to my friend and I found my drawings I have drew on Disney create. I cried aaaaaaah. why did disney create have to gooo. I still really miss that sight and pray they will put make up the site. ; w ; 

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Purplecrystal159 Purplecrystal159 1 January 2015

i don't know how to delete this

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 22 December 2014



Click this Link right here -----> https://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/?k=2xX1dcqWB4sYLYz5svdwPw

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Rapunzelosum Rapunzelosum 8 December 2014

Pony adoptables woohoo.

Merry christmas, happy new year, blah blah blah. ANYWAY. Got some ponies yaaaay

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Rapunzelosum Rapunzelosum 8 December 2014


I guarentee no one is gonna see this lol.

But what is with the layout it's so freaking ugly.

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 8 December 2014

My Little Raindeer

Hi everyone. I've been super buzy. But now i'm back just to share a new blog post. As you know, Chirstmas is coming soon. So, I've use the pony creator to create the nine reinponys (is that a good name?) and some custom bios.

1. Dasher

Gender: Stallion

Type: Earthpony

Dasher is one of the fastest ponies.But most of his time is spent trying look his dashing best.

2. Dancer

Gender: Mare

Type: Pegasus

Dancer is the pony who always wants to keep moving. Once, she even worn out her old boots from dancing too much that she had to get shoes made just for dancing.

3. Prancer

TBC This blog post is not over yet!

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Cosandk Cosandk 18 November 2014

Nice to be back!

It's nice to be with Disney again!

I remember first starting out on DC. so fun!

im glad to say that this girl is back in action with some new CAK gang members!

I still have my main fursona Dakota, and my first one ever, Stormcaller(my avatar) 

I hope to find all my DC buds again!

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 4 November 2014

Election Day

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 1 November 2014

Things That I Love (Pusheen Version)

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 25 October 2014

Are You a Math Geek?

I've been having soooo much trouble beating the game 2048! If you have the same problems, visit my brand new wiki. In this wiki, you can share your strategies to get out of a rock and a hard place. I'll be sharing my own also. Together, we can win! :P 

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I likes Wolves I likes Wolves 19 October 2014

My Drawings

Well, I have to upload my pictures here from my tablet so that when I put them on deviantART the won't have names with random numbers... So yeah....

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ChammyPie ChammyPie 3 October 2014

DC Through Wayback

I am aware fo the wayback and ive used it to get to DC but i cant seem to get to manga maker through wayback could someone link i wanted to use manga maker since i use the pixie one alot    ^  w  ^

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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 24 September 2014

Hey Guys...Sorry For Inactiveness... :D

Hey...Guys, sorry for my Inactiveness but SD here!

I just want to tell you that I'm going to be very inactive because of school! Curse the school! Anyways, I have homecoming week, Art club, soccer practice, homecoming football game and then the NEW DORK DIARIES BOOK 8!!! I am a huge fan of Dork Diaries! In case you don't know that yet but, *slaps your face* NOW YOU DO KNOW! I will probably won't be on chatting unless there's a few people on chat. Otherwise, I'm just going to be blogging and update my pages and yea.  Someday, I will be able to blog on here a LOT! 

Peace out and SD's out! Draw on! ;)

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 22 September 2014

Comic Idea

I've been kinda thinking about doing my own comic series on the wiki. I'm calling it Planet World. It's about a libigocabi (lion+butterfly+goat+cat+bird) named Pinkie who lives in the Kerito Animal Sanctuary (its really more of a project building for animals from the Kerito Islands, which is a place in my imagination). Here is a picture of Pinky (the blue spot is soda from a sodanut, which is a coconut filled with soda):

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Ghoulgirlgotspirit10 Ghoulgirlgotspirit10 21 September 2014


Alright,so I know that Bo posted a forum already about doing a Halloween project! But I just wanted to post this blog to give some idea's..

I think 2 days or one day before Halloween,we should spook the Wiki up a little bit.

I mean,we never really go on here anymore,but we really need to celebrate some holidays!

So heres a list of things,I think we should do ~

  • One of us post at least one drawing of us doing something that they want to do in Halloween.
  • A contest!
  • We should custom the wikia background,for the holiday. 
  • A halloween trick to eachother!
  • Give gifts to eachother,like we did that one time for Valentines Day..

Yeah that's pretty much it.

I'm so excited for halloween >U<

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Awesomeperson110 Awesomeperson110 17 September 2014

ok um guess the lyrics?

I made some lyric art, and I was thinking you guys could guess what the songs were

i made the backgrounds and i typed it with my own font, ( well i'm mostly proud of the backgrounds hehe)

heh ok guess :33

you could say the artists if you want to

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This is Epic me This is Epic me 6 September 2014

this is Epic me here

  • Hello this is Epic me here. my name is Gracie i'm 16 single and i love date dating online hot and cute boys if your one of those cute and hot boys send me a message if u wanna date i'm looking forward to it when you send me a message ill get back to you as soon as i can.
  • heres the  list of things that i love. to do and eat.
  • pizza
  • hang out
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Antherax Antherax 1 September 2014

Herp Derp

W'sup I'm bored.

What happened while I was gone I feel like I've been living under a rock like a brainless sea star.

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 21 August 2014

Do You Mind Clicking this Link

It's so i could get free game membership. You guys could go to the website too. http://Epic-Rewards.com/?ref=1621145

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 17 August 2014

AJ Plushie Museum

For Jammers who want to come.


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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 15 August 2014

Legends Of Equestra

Legends of Equestria (LoE) is a 3D game where you can make your own mlp and roam around Equestria. You can make friends with other players, battle creatures, and it's free to download . The only problem is that the game is in it's beta stage so you have to wait for Open Server Weekends to play it. I haven't played it yet but I've seen a Let's Play and it looks great. Here's a link:  http://www.legendsofequestria.com/

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 12 August 2014

The Origin of My Profile Pic

I know nobody is asking but I thought my profile pic deserves recognition: 

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Serenity214 Serenity214 10 August 2014

Transparent shapes using no tool

Ok, well, its takes a tool, but not the tool with the button thats makes it transparent!!! So first, before I did this, I would draw my ppg eyelashes before I did the coloring, and when I colored my character, it would have some white above it. It annoying me SOOOO MUCH!!! -.- But finally, I realized the problem.....ME!! :O I had to add the eyelashes AFTER I colored it!!!!!!! -.- Epic fail!!! So, After you color something, you can add lines, Or it will look H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! HORRIBLE!! :O

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Moon0123 Moon0123 9 August 2014

Apocalypse Story Idea

Hey guys so I have this story idea about an apocalypse that is set 100 years in the future. Anyway it's the year 2114 and humans still walk the earth, not much has changed but huans have learned new technologies and have made many new buildings everywhere. Not much of ny rainforest are still there since the greedy people chopped them all down. The world is at the brink of destruction and it is slowly dying.To save itself it creates a massive cloud to flood the earth but it makes a mistake while doing it. The flood has killed almost every living thing on earth. But there are some survivors, a group of teenagers had miracioulasly survived the flood for unknown reasons. Each of them being from completely different parts of the world, they eac…

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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 8 August 2014

Take to the Ball game! YEAH!

Howdy partner! SD's here!

Hey Guys! Today, Guess whos going to the baseball game? I am! I am! I love going to the baseball games! Or Ball game as some people call it! I have  baseball themed joke starring me and my OC, Grapes! 

Grapes: How do baseball players keep in touch?

Me: Uh..I don't know..what?

Grapes: Duh! They touch base every once in a while. How could you not get it, SD?!??

Me: Sorry Grapes! *Runs*

Okay...back on track! I will be at the Miller Park, WI and the Milwaukee Brewers is playing against Los Angeles Dodgers! I can't WAIT! My family, some of my close relatives go to the Miller park every summer so... Its like a Summer tradition to us!

Peace out! SD's Out!
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-birdie- -birdie- 7 August 2014

DCC Artist Poll

Here's the blog to vote for all of the Disney Create Comic Artist stuff. I'll make the poll once all the artists submit the drawing examples. But for now I'll just write what the polls will be so that all you artists will know what to submit.

ONLY DISNEY CREATE COMIC ARTISTS CAN SUBMIT DRAWINGS so don't even think about it if you're not one


  • 1 Style
  • 2 Sketch
  • 3 Lineart
  • 4 Coloring

Artists will sketch an example of a style that they created themselves that we will vote on to choose the main drawing style, and the first sketcher. Artists- You can draw an example for this or for the "Sketch" poll, or both if you'd like. I suggest you draw a fullbody example (if you want I'll be fine with more than one drawing)

Artists will choose a style from another art…

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 6 August 2014

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows - the story

This story may or may not end up on YouTube. Depends if you like it.

Once upon a time there was a pink fluffy unicorn. She wanted to dance on rainbows. So she got a jetpack and flew to the top of a rainbow. Little did she know that rainbows are made of light separated by water droplets. So the fluffy unicorn crashed on someone's rock garden. Thankfully, the owner called an ambulance and the doctors saved her life by performing a full body sugary. THE END.

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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 3 August 2014

I'm pooped...Zzz

Yo, SD's here!

You may be wondering why I'm pooped out. Well, I was baking, frosting, and sprinkling about 30 cookies for my cousin's finace's bridal shower while my mom made some snacks, chip dips, and... shredded brousells sprouts last night. Ugh, even the morning, the kitchen still reeks with the smell of da sprouts. I went to bed at 10:30 last night. So ya, Thats's all I wanna say.

Peace out, SD's out!
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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 1 August 2014

I'm Baaaack!

Hey's Guys! SD's back!

On my last post, I said that I was going to California for vacation and that's where I was! Here are the places where I went (Not in pacific order):

San Fransisco

  • Chinatown
  • Most crookedest street in the world
  • Through the Golden Gate (The red bridge btw. Why is it even called the Golden Gate when the bridge is red and the gate is a brige?!??)
  • Alacratz Island (Yep, I went to a prison! aka "The Rock". Just a tour, didn't get arrested)
  • John Muir Woods (Just a wood full of redwood trees)
  • Hornets battleship museum


  • Yosemite National Park
  • Yosemite Falls 


  • Some place with a water fall (Can't remember whats its called)
  • A British Restraunt (the waitresses are so annoying with their british accents. Kiddos, never go to a bri…
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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 23 July 2014


I suggest not looking directly at the puffles.

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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 22 July 2014

Bye-Bye! Will be inactive for a while!

Hey, SD's here!

You may be wondering but I'M NOT leaving DC Wikia! Like what I said on my earlier blog posts, I'm going to California for vacation! So I will be inactive on PaigeeWorld and here. I will blog back when I get back! 

Peace out and SD's Out!

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Cloetta *o* Cloetta *o* 20 July 2014

Profile Pics :3

Hi guys! I'll Be Making Profile Pics So Comment Which Template And What It Will Look Like! If You Want A Boy Please Tell Me I'll Add Boys Probably :)  *CREDIT TO PPL WHO DID THIS* They are currently closed until I finish the two I'm working on. Sorry!

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 19 July 2014

Best Drawing Ever

In my opinion

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Cloetta *o* Cloetta *o* 18 July 2014


                                                                                   Pumkin World

This. Game. Has. NO. Words. It's not as horrible as the slender-shrek game (THAT'S JUST SCARY) It's about Pumpkins that live in Pumkin World. I Didn't spell the website wrong, it's spelt like Pumkin not Pumpkin. It's an "EDUCATIONAL" Game for kids (more like nobody) about colors and shapes and what not. But the funny part is HUNGRY PUMKIN!! I will not spoil it so just click the link and play it. YOU MAY DIE Of LAUGHTER!​ [1]

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Randomness16648 Randomness16648 15 July 2014



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Awesomeperson110 Awesomeperson110 14 July 2014

Writing Exercise thingy :3

The snow fell, cloaking the earth with snow as far as the eye could see. The stars twinkled from the heavens above, still not obscured by the drifting snowflakes, rather, making them shine in the process. Cheers and shouts were ringing throughout a small neighborhood, by the name of Fantasia. It was New Year's Eve, and sadly, everyone was too busy inside to enjoy the spectacle outside.

Except for a certain someone.

A girl, wrapped in a wearing snow jacket and an old scarf, trudged down the street. Shivering, she looked around town for a shop, or someplace she could stay warm. She placed her hand in her pocket, and felt the crisp twenty-dollar bill, which was all she had. She exhaled in relief, her breath condensating in midair. Her eyes wate…

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Smartdazzle Smartdazzle 14 July 2014


Hey, hey, hey, heeeey!  SD's here!

7 days left until vacay! I will tell you what I did for vacay after my vacay or during vacay if there's wi-fi at a hotel. I'm going to fly to Sans Fransisco, California! My first time on a airplane!

SD's Out! Peace out! ;)

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DandelionWinterglow DandelionWinterglow 14 July 2014

Where is Disney Create?!

Hey, guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on for ages. Why can I no longer find Disney Create? I really want to get back to drawing and catching up with my DC friends!

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Flyingace4 Flyingace4 14 July 2014

Story thing.

So im doing it. Is it only for comic writers? Who cares. I want to anyway. Is there a word count thing? Well, sorry if I go over, Nothing I can do about it.

November 6th, 1942.

Hazel stepped off of the stoop in front of her building, the chilly wind biting at her nose. She pulled her bandana up to cover her face, and continued forward. The city block seemed almost deserted, with all of its inhabidants away. The majority of the streets population was male, and with the war, the place was pratically empty. This was her own father and brother included. No condolance letter yet, which was the thing Hazel counted on. She rounded the corner to the local cafe, where practically the only man in New York who wasn't in the war, Tony,  worked. She sat…

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RedMonkey101 Studios RedMonkey101 Studios 14 July 2014

For Writing thingy....bloop...x3

Ahh...yes...here it is, my writing..

I want to start off saying that when writing the story about the girl finding the quarter I kinda added that she had a friend along with her...so yeah...anyways I tried make it as short as possible...*shrugs*

Also I think I wrote WAAY too much...I really did try not to add onto it, but that didn't work out too well...ehh.. Anyways onto le stories! *Sorry for any spelling errors or grammar mishaps...I probably didn't see it, so sorry...*

Echoes of thunder crashed from sky, startling the girl walking the muddy path. The other girl beside her chuckled, “Dakota Wills, don't be so scared!” “I'm not, just surprised that's all.” Dakota started, “Besides, if we want to talk about scared we should start talking abou…

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Music Mota Music Mota 14 July 2014

Bo's Writing Practice 1

Let me just say I was in a "writing romantic things" mood when I wrote this so xD

"Nice job making the shirts fall Kaitlin." I mumbled to myself, crouching down to pick up the shirts that were now lying on the ground. When I had just picked up the last shirt, I noticed something shining in the light. I leaned in closer. It was a quarter. "Never know when that'll come in hand." I mumbled to myself. I picked up the quarter and stuffed it in my pocket. I put the last shirt on the clothing rack and picked up my basket of clothes. I walked off to the cashier to pay. There was a boy in front of me with brown hair and green eyes. I noticed he was buying a pair of jeans and some t-shirts. "That'll be 40.25 please." The cashier said. The boy shuffle…

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