Need An idea of something to make on DC?

Stuck on an idea or colors for a character? Can't think up a new mascot? 

The best way to make a character is to get inspired by your surroundings, or use your imagination.

Here are some answers and ideas you might want to use:

1. Look around you! There are all sorts of unique color schemes around. If you can't find anything around you and you are inside, Look outside/ through a window. Try this site too.

2. Think of an event that was cheery. Do not think of sad moments because DC will most likely not approve things that are sad. For example: When you went to the beach, draw your character/mascot at the beach or doing something you did!

3. Ask another person. If you are completely stuck on what to draw, ask a family member or a friend. Most likely they will come up with an idea for you to draw, or you could come up with ideas together.

4. Get inspired by your favorite characters from Disney, or a movie you liked that is well known. For example: Chibi Cinderella!

5. Try out different styles. trying out different styles sometimes helps me to come up with a character. Try chibi, PPG, wolves, SCs, and more!

6.Maybe drawing a scene from your favorite movie might help branch of some ideas and details.

Please comment if you need more ideas!