"Be unique! Don't copy!"


Lucy stole it big time edited-1

A comparison drawing of lil_nan's original pixel and Lucy100-'s stolen copy.

Art theft (commonly mistaken as art copying on Disney Create, is better known as copyright infringement) is a felony that can be punishable, not by prison sentence.

People copy either it would be exact, similar, or with the same features. The slideshow on the bottom right is some comparisons of original art and art theft.


  • Nobody understands it until they've experienced it themselves.
    • E_M13's original art and a similar piece of art on the bottom
    • lil_nan's original art and lucy100-'s similar art
    • TheTardisrocks' OC pony Electro.
    • Paintsplatter16 copied Electro (TTR) via name, colors, backgrounds etc.
    • Original sketch of a pony character on DA
    • COPIED character on DC
  • Before you get angry about someone copying your art on DC remember that most of these artists are children and do not know any better. 
  • Note that anything you share on the site is vulnerable to being copied. DC won't do anything about it. 
  • Unless you let people know your guidelines to what you consider copying, they may take it the wrong way.